Services from O'Neill Hearing CareSERVICES


    • Price will not be beaten for the same product – starting at €350.


  • Full 100% refund if unhappy with the hearing device up to two months from the date of fitting.


    • A free fully comprehensive hearing test.


    • Demonstration with the most up-to-date hearing technology with no obligation to purchase.


    • Hearing technology available for all types of lifestyles – from the very active to the not so active.


    • Free Oticon Streamer with all premium plus technology range. The Streamer provides a wireless Bluetooth hands-free connection to your mobile phone, house phone, TV, MP3 player, computer, etc. The streamer is a fully remote control device that allows you to change the volume and programmes.Free service check on all hearing aids irrespective of supplier.


    • Home visits can be arranged by appointment.


    • Standard 3 year guarantee on your hearing device (for 5 years guarantee, conditions apply).