OTICON ConnectLine Streamer Pro

The Streamer is the gateway to the ConnectLine system. ConnectLine empowers today’s Oticon hearing instrument users to participate and interact in a number of everyday situations which are at best difficult and at worst impossible, even with the best hearing instruments. The system includes dedicated solutions for watching TV, landline phone (domestic) use and a Partner/Companion Microphone. The Streamer also supports Bluetooth for mobile phone headset functionality, etc.

OTICON ConnectLine Streamer Pro from ONeill Hearing Care

A fully integrated system With connectLine the user is in control of the system, not the other way around. advanced features such as autopriority and autoconnect ensure that the user can hear and answer a phone call while watching tV. Tested usability
the Streamer has been developed and thoroughly tested with hearing instruments users in mind1.

Headphone for music
audio can be transmitted directly and securely to both hearing instruments from, an mp3 player using either a cable (included) or wireless (using Bluetooth).

Headset for mobile phones
the Streamer can be paired with most mobile phones2, in effect turning the hearing instruments into a high quality headset, thanks to the built-in micro- phone in the top of the Streamer.

there are built-in telecoil for users with hearing instruments without telecoil, or for users who find it more convenient to use the Streamer’s telecoil.

ConnectLine phone
a dedicated solution for home phone use, in effect turning the Streamer and the hearing instruments into a wireless headset.

ConnectLine TV
a dedicated solution for watching tV with high sound quality, thanks to direct streaming of the sound from the tV to the hearing instruments.

ConnectLine microphone

a small discreet clip-on microphone which improves the Snr substantially for the hearing instrument user when used in difficult & noisy situations.

PC/VoIP – plug and play

using the enclosed cable, the Streamer can be connected directly to a computer for headset functionality.

FM input

the Streamer has a socket to support the use of fm receivers. please refer to www.oticon.com/amigo for more details.