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Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss
Most hearing losses occur gradually, allowing the problem to develop without the awareness of the sufferer. We may have impaired hearing but perceive this to be the way everyone else hears. Family and friends give us a truer picture of our hearing ability… read more

Why Two Hearing Aids are Better Than One
Two ears work naturally together to give us the ability to locate and isolate one specific sound. Experiencing the quality of balanced audio perception depends upon hearing the sound as nature intended – through both ears… read more

Why Hearing Aids are Essential for Hearing Loss
A hearing aid does more than help you hear. It also helps your brain remember the sounds you cannot hear without your hearing aid. Untreated hearing loss affects your quality of life, but it also affects the brain’s ability to remember common everyday sounds because the hearing channels are no longer effectively used… read more

Three Steps to Better Hearing

Doing something about your hearing is not difficult. The following steps describe the process.

Step 1 – If you suspect a hearing problem, call to one of O’Neill Hearing Care Clinics and we will do a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine your style and degree of hearing loss. The hearing test is entirely free of charge and involves no obligation of any sort… read more